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Ajax Custom Grips
PO Box 309
Seneca, MO 64865
Ajax Polymer (Ivory & Buffalo)
Ajax Pearlite®
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Ajax Custom Grips
C/O 2R L.L.C.
PO Box 309
Seneca, MO 64865
Available Now:
S&W J & K Frames,
and Colt Python and
of Course 1911.
Ajax Fine Woods
2R LLC is proud to manufacture  Ajax™ Custom
Grips and continue a 50+ year history of the finest
Handgun Grips available.  We manufacture and sell
quality Ivory Polymer, Buffalo Polymer, Pearlite®,
and Fine Wood grips. We've made grips for Firearm
Manufacturers, Competition Shooters, TV Shows,
Hollywood Blockbusters, and Honest Ordinary Folks
around the world.

Every Grip we sell is made in the USA with no
exceptions and fully backed by the 2R brand.
Note from Ajax / 2R's owner:

All grips 2R LLC offers from our own Ajax & 2R Brands to those from Herrett Stocks are 100% Guaranteed made in the United States of America with Pride.
Our grips are crafted in places like Dallas Texas, Twin Falls Idaho, and at the 2R HQ in Seneca Missouri (A great little town South of Joplin.)

It matters to us that our grips are well made by folks that are paid a fair wage and pay their taxes. It also matters to us that we support those that defend the Right
to Keep and Bear Arms like the NRA and put our money where our mouth is.

We don't spend much on advertising, don't have a big office staff and our website may not be the fanciest.
Heck we aren't usually available to answer the phone (417-624-4532) because we are usually too busy making grips.

What we are good at is offering a quality American Made product at a fair price that will fit the handgun it should.

That is why we proudly put my personal 2R brand on all of our grips.


Raleigh Ritter
Chief Gripmaker and CEO
2R LLC / Ajax Custom Grips
Address Inquiries to:
Ajax Custom Grips
C/O 2R L.L.C.
PO Box 309
Seneca, MO 64865

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