1. The Ruger "OLD MODEL XR3 GRIPFRAME" was used on the original "3 screw" guns manufactured from
1953 until June 1962 and it requires the
Ajax Style #26 grips.

2. The Ruger "RED" (ALONG WITH VARIOUS OTHER LETTERS) GRIPFRAME" was used between late
June 1962 - Dec. 2004 on the Blackhawk, Vaquero, Single Six, Old Army and the Super Blackhawk guns with 4 1/2
to 6 1/2" barrel lengths. (The Old Army continues to use this gripframe style.) These guns require the
Ajax Style #31

The Ruger "NEW MODEL XR3 VAQUERO GRIPFRAME" started into production about January 2005. If
your new model Vaquero with serial no. starting at 510..., or your new "50th Anniversary Blackhawk" with serial no.
starting at 520..., came equipped with this gripframe which contains Ruger's "internal locking feature", it will require the
Ajax Style #25 grips.

4. The latest Ruger "NEW MODEL BLACKHAWK" and "NEW MODEL SINGLE SIX" gripframe comes
with black plastic grips, lockable grip frame and a Ruger model number ending in the letter "L". Started into production
in September of 2007 and requires the
Ajax Style #35 grips.

5. The Ruger "BISLEY AND BIRDSHEAD GRIPFRAMES" continue as they have in the past and require the
Ajax style #33 grips for the Birdshead gripframes and the Ajax style #28 for the Bisley gripframes.

6. The Ruger "SUPER BLACKHAWK GRIPFRAME" for the 7 1/2" to 10" barrel lengths and the square back
trigger guard continues to require the
Ajax style #30 Grips. Other Super Blackhawk guns with the shorter barrels and
round back trigger guard require the
Ajax style #31 Grips as described in item #2 above. (One exception is the
"Super Blackhawk Hunter" which although it has a round back trigger guard, it still requires the
Ajax Style #30 Grips.)

7. The Ruger "BEARCAT GRIPFRAME" is for the ultra-small frame .22 Caliber Bearcat guns and continues as in
the past requiring the
Ajax Style #27 Grips.

The Ruger "SUPER SINGLE SIX" in .32 H&R Magnum is an oddball that has a unique grip frame and
requires a unique grip style. Ajax does not currently produce a grip style for this model.

Important Note: This Ruger information represents the best information that Ajax has been able to learn from
several knowledgable sources, but we assume no responsibility for absolute accuracy. For exact information
about a specific gun we recommend contacting the gun manufacturer directly.

ONLY #28,30, & 31 Grips are currently Available!
#25 is Coming back very soon!
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